Oh look! It’s my childhood in human form!
It’s no secret that I LOVE Don Conroy. It’s kind of sad really. I went to all of his wee art classes in the National Gallery on Sundays, I’ve read (and hilariously still own) all of his books. I attribute him to my failed attempts at being a young artist, although it did get me jobs when I was too young to do real work.
I attribute that time to Don, those months when I was a child when I wore a cape to all social occasions and if someone pissed me off I hissed at them Vampire at Saint Michans style! I also got rather bullied but that was bound to happen… I wore a cape for god sake!
I seriously think that Don Conroy is a boss… I’m a bit obsessed alright.

So naturally when I heard that Don was speaking at the GMB I had mild aneurysm, then I contacted like 5 people and then I drew a picture of a happy owl…. Like a really happy owl!

Ladies and Gentlemen if you aren’t at the GMB this Thursday at 1pm you’re an idiot


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