Oh Marc!

Has anyone seen the controversial new Marc Jacobs ad?

The ad features a male model who appears to be publicly masturbating in a park? (I had a horrible urge to spell Park with a C, Marc in the Parc anyone?)
The incredibly classy and not all strange ad shows the guy making hand movements and looking sketchy, as it turns out he’s cleaning his expensive sunglasses … Right.
I’ve never looked at a pair of expensive sunglasses and thought ”Gee, these would look great on the kind of guy who masturbates in a park” (Well I have seen some seriously dodgy pedo glasses in specsavers but I think they cost a fiver or something)

It’s just such a cheap marketing ploy to get them some free advertisement so I should point out now that I’m not endorsing these sunglasses … or public masturbation for that matter.

I can’t seem to get my hands on the video to put up right now but it’s worth a google just so you can think ”My god I should have gone into advertising, this is so easy” because apparently they don’t have much of a stupidity filter in Marc HQ. If I (or my team of highly trained monkeys) designed sunglasses and someone suggested that faux public masturbation was the best way to market them, I would fire their ass and consider reevaluating the glasses in question.
Trying to be slightly risque is fine by me (Gucci pubes incident anyone) but this is just buffoonery of the highest order! I should also say that I think the Gucci ad below is just pathetic. I hate to be Captain bleedin obvious here but pubes aren’t what I think of when I think of handbags and I must say that if you make that link in your mind … There is something wrong with where you buy your handbags.

Sex sells. But this is just ridiculous

Oh and just to piss the lovely market team at Marc Jacobs,. I won’t be posting a picture of their sunglasses.


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